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Garden fence: types and models
Over the centuries, some fence types have established themselves as garden fences, which are still used today. Important in the selection of the fence type is the design of the house and the plot, because only in this way a harmonious transition is possible. Among the classic garden fences for the farm garden are the picket fence, the Staket fence, the Hunter’s fence and The Wicker fence. All four fences are made of wood and form a rather loose, airy demarcation.

The interstices and the rough surface of the wood provide support for climbing plants; hedgehogs, for example, can slip into the garden through the gaps in the lower area. Farm garden-wooden fences are usually not painted in color, but retain their natural appearance to merge with the natural colors of the garden. For these reasons, the farm garden wooden fences are a good choice for the natural garden.

Garden fence and garden shed
The wrought iron garden fence, on the other hand, is an impressive decorative element and gives the garden a stylish, romantic touch through its clear presence. Since a wrought iron garden fence is very massive, it is more suitable for large gardens. Color and Design – from ornate to modern and straight – are varied and should be adapted to the style of the house. The choice for smaller terraced house gardens are often inconspicuous low chain-link fences, which discreetly disappear behind a strip of beds or a hedge.

Building Regulations
Setting up a garden fence is not always voluntary. In many places, the official order states that built-up land must be enclosed. Nevertheless, one must not fence arbitrarily: the fence must be “”local””, so in Material and height roughly fit into the surrounding area, which can be very different from residential area to residential area. Usually – but not always-a maximum height of 1.20 meters applies, sometimes less if it is a pure property boundary (“”enclosure””). Privacy fences may be up to two meters high depending on the location.

It is also a difference whether you separate several gardens from each other, or your own garden into a road or an agricultural area. With terraced houses usually applies: every garden owner must, viewed from the street, fence the right Garden Side to the neighboring property. So before you choose a garden fence, you should inform yourself about this topic at your local authority, because there may be a municipal Vorgartensatzung with many regulations and restrictions. Also talk to your neighbor in advance about your building plans, so that there are no later disagreements. In certain cases, the consent of the neighbor is even a legal requirement for a fence construction. In this context, please also clarify who will be responsible for the costs and maintenance of the fence in the future, because a wooden fence, for example, should be regularly painted from both sides.

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