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Cheap landscaping ideas for your front yard that will inspire you (42)

Materials for the garden fence
For garden fences, the most diverse materials are offered in specialist shops. The classic among the decorative garden fences is still the wooden fence. Fences made of wood have a very natural Flair and fit seamlessly into the garden design, but must be properly maintained so that they last a long time. Robust woods such as oak, sweet chestnut, Robinia, Douglas fir or larch last much longer than the inexpensive versions made of Spruce, Willow or pine wood. In order to improve durability, the woods are sometimes impregnated and varnished with boiler pressure.

If you like it durable and stable, grab a garden fence made of metal. The heavy-weight wrought iron, which belongs to the artisanal premier class of private fence construction, has since given way to more and more garden fences made of powder-coated Aluminium or steel. These materials are lighter, less expensive and need virtually no care. A mixture of metal fence and wall is the Gabione. In this modern fencing technique wire mesh baskets are filled with stones and stacked as a wall. Gabions are impermeable, extremely massive and provide complete privacy. Originally they were used to fix embankments in road construction. But the steel mesh baskets filled with stones have long since conquered private gardens. You can have gabions delivered completely filled, but it is usually cheaper if you take over the filling yourself.

For low garden fences, for example between terraced house gardens, chain link fences are often drawn. The powder-coated wires, stretched in small rectangles, are stretched between two posts and delimit the garden very inconspicuously from the neighboring plot. Garden fences made of plastic are inexpensive and light in weight, but do not withstand weathering for long and quickly look unsightly. More modern fence models combine pillars made of Aluminium with slats made of wood or plastic and thus adapt to every type of House and garden. When painting with varnish or glaze, pay attention to environmentally compatible paints.

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