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General information about the garden fence
Garden fences have been around for many centuries. They convey privacy and comfort, help us to feel safe in the garden, and – depending on the design – also serve to protect the residents. But what distinguishes a good garden fence? What forms of garden fences are there and what do you have to consider when building them?

The garden fence is a special form of land boundary. Unlike a wall, however, a fence is in principle a permeable structure. It is also not laid out like walls or walls in the long term, but potentially ready to be rebuilt or opened in certain places, for example through a gate. Most often, a garden fence consists of vertical posts that provide stability, and cross-section centerpieces that are tensioned, braided, welded, screwed or nailed. Special forms of the garden fence represent privacy fences and gabions, because they lack the permeable properties of a real fence.

The garden fence in the course of time
A garden fence – as well as a wall or hedge – serves to delimit one’s own property from the public space or from the neighbour and marks one’s own property boundary. In addition, it can fulfill many other purposes, such as providing wind and visual protection, preventing animals from running in or out, protecting children or simply looking beautiful. For a long time, the fence around the house and property had primarily a protective function. Already the first human settlements surrounded their villages with simple wooden or braided fences to protect them from wild animals and invaders. Over time, as the need for property and Privacy became stronger, lower versions of these fences also moved into the private gardens. Now not only entire villages, but every property was fenced for itself. The more the social focus shifted over the centuries to one’s own home and domesticity, the more the garden fence became a meaningful status symbol.

The wedding of the representative garden fence can be found in Europe in the 19th century, where Overman-high, artfully forged iron fences with heavy gates surrounded the home. Today, there are a wide variety of fence types around the home, depending on the area, type of land and prevailing building regulations. And even if the garden fence still represents – after all, it is the first thing the visitor gets to see from the property – the garden fence is no longer just a means to an end, but also a popular design element.

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